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Inspiring younger generations to protect the environment.


Our operations around the world encourage Ferrero employees to work with local communities and younger generations to protect the environment.

To scale our positive impact, our efforts to protect the environment look beyond the direct operations of our plants to span the entire value chain. This includes engaging employees to work as a team with communities to develop educational initiatives that meet local needs.

At our San Josè de Iturbide plant in Mexico, our Back to School Programme celebrated the return to school in 2019 with workshops, recreational and educational activities, and skill games related to the environment. Children were taught about the importance of recycling, saving energy and caring for nature. All materials were recycled and incorporated ecological and/or biodegradable elements. More than 300 children attended the event.

At Baramati in India, the Sustainability for Children initiative involved parents and children at the Kindergarten. They worked together to use household waste to make art which was then exhibited to the employees of the Baramati factory.

Finally, at our Quito plant in Ecuador, employees encouraged children's interest in land care, waste management and food sovereignty by developing an orchard in the classroom. By caring for the orchard, the children learn about wise use of resources such as water and energy, and organic and inorganic waste – including composting as a tool to fertilise crops. Activities in the community also help protect the environment and ensure the efficient use of materials and resources.