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Ferrero People At Ferrero, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to long-term business success. We aim to motivate our employees and improve their decision making, consumer focus and engagement. With over 38,000 employees based in more than 50 countries, we need to engage and develop all of our people to ensure our business continues to grow and succeed. This means listening and responding to their views and creating a working environment where people feel valued and able to grow.

Ferrero employees are exposed to the Company vision upon joining the company and we engage them throughout the employee lifecycle to maximise their contribution. The Ferrero People Centricity Strategy is focused on bringing about positive change for internal stakeholder groups in three key ways:

  • Evolution of the relationship between Ferrero and its employees, including enabling proactivity and accountability for growth and career development through digitalisation.
  • Developing a new role and expectations of line managers to act as catalysts for change through the Line Managers Excellence manifesto and programme.
  • Enabling HR professionals to play an innovative and transformative role as guarantors of process, while facilitating Managers to be accountable and proactive.

People Engagement The Ferrero engagement framework and model is based on the Employee Life Cycle. Engaging employees to embrace digitalisation and to facilitate open, consistent and fast communication across all countries is a high priority.

Diversity & Inclusion Our employees around the world inspire us to celebrate our cultural diversity. We aim to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected; a place where employees can be themselves and work together to reach common goals. The more we collaborate and value difference, the closer we get to working in a truly inclusive community.

Our diversity programme focuses the four dimensions of gender, nationality, generations and working culture. Increasing gender balance among our senior management is a priority for the future.

  • 5%

    We reached our goal of increasing the number of women in managerial positions by 5% by 2020 against an August 2015 baseline. We have made progress but recognise there is more to do. We will continue to develop our D&I goals, including the representation of women in managerial positions, the promotion of a different workplace culture, the level of inclusion of different generations, the representation of different nationalities, and a specific focus on people with disabilities.

Continuous Learning Globally and locally, our employees have access to online and live learning experiences. From the time they join us through to retirement, there are many options for Ferrero people to grow and develop in a bespoke way through Ferrero University.

  • It has evolved to comprise three pillars:
  • Starting the learning journey: Welcome to Ferrero
  • Ferrero Know-How Academies: Building technical skills
  • Ferrero Leaders: Becoming a leader
At Ferrero, learning is part of our DNA. As a growing and changing company, we support the growth and development of our people.

Health and Safety Ferrero’s is committed to Zero Accidents in its operations through the continuous improvement and implementation of robust safety management systems. Visible leadership, safe behaviours and ensuring our employees are trained and equipped to carry out their work safely are key.

Our Group strategic approach ensures the health and safety (H&S) of our employees, contractors, visitors and all other parties that may come under the influence of Ferrero through:

  • Defined safety standards and operational tools for key activities to ensure safe conditions in the workplace;
  • Risk assessments to ensure plants and equipment are designed, operated and maintained to minimise risks;
  • Eliminating occupational illnesses by reducing workplace exposure of workers in our manufacturing facilities;
  • Transparent and effective information using appropriate tools for reporting and analysing accidents and sharing best practices and recommendations;
  • Training and equipping people to carry out their work in a healthy way, minimising their exposure to hazards while ensuring their concerns and needs are considered.

Ferrero Foundation Founded in 1983 as a Opera Sociale by Michele Ferrero, who named the foundation after his parents and uncle, founders of the confectionary industry, the Foundation has always been presided by Mrs. Maria Franca Ferrero. By offering a variety of activities, the Foundation helps the elderly to live the ageing process as an occasion to discover new opportunities and valorise the social capital of the individual. The Foundation is housed in a complex where it is able to meet the needs of around 3,500 retired employees and their spouses, providing a meeting place, workshops, a library, a multi-purpose auditorium, gyms, exhibition halls and spaces for medical and clinical conferences. There is also a state-of-the-art nursery for employees' children.

Cultural Projects The Ferrero Foundation is becoming increasingly culturally active, working with local, national and international foundations, institutions and organisations, becoming the founding supporters of long-lasting designed to benefit the whole of society.

  • Master’s deegree at University of Turin
  • “FuturBalla” exhibition
  • National and international scolarships
  • Periodic conference cycle.

The Ferrero Nursery “Il Nido” The Company’s nursery, active from 2009, can host 80 children with special rates for employees. Some activities are open to Ferrero grandparens: with them, children cook, make decorations, read fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

  • 5-10% of places reserved for children from Alba
  • Special rates for employees
  • Cultural and creative activities with grandparents

Social Projects The Ferrero Foundation works every day to improve quality of life for the elderly, promoting a different and positive image of the old age as time of appreciation when the social capital, values, experience and wisdom are truly valued.

  • 40 activity groups
  • Creative and cultural workshops

Health and Social Care The Foundation offers Ferrero Seniors (Group employees who have completed 25 years of service) a new concept of old age with its programme of creative, recreational and social activities, accompanied by social and healthcare services.

Discover more on www.fondazioneferrero.it

The Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project includes commercial enterprises to all effects; their goal, therefore, is to earn profits. nonetheless, they act according to a “social” spirit because they aim to create jobs in the least developed areas of emerging countries.

Moreover, they implement projects and initiatives of a social and humanitarian nature, aimed at safeguarding the health and educational and social development of chidren and young adults in those countries, independently from achievement, or failure to achieve, positive balance results.

The Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project launched its production activities in 2005 in Cameroon (Yaoundé), in 2006 in South Africa (Walkerville/Midvaal, Gauteng) and in 2007 in India (Baramati/Pune, Maharashtra).

The Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project Mission


With this pledge, the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project, targeting the communities where it operates, aims to not only provide its collaborators with an income that enables them to make a living for themselves and their families, but also to:

  • share a strong sense of dignity with working men and women, offering them the possibility of becoming masters of their own destiny;
  • provide professional training and working skills;
  • foster a modern culture of industrial work.

The establishment of production plants provides opportunities for spin-off activities that involve local enterprises. Moreover, the production gives preference to the use of local raw materials: this leads to the creation of further jobs, triggering a virtuous spiral of economic development and wellbeing for the local community.


To date, the social and humanitarian initiatives on which the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project has focused their concern are child care in the health and education sectors. These activities include the rebuilding and restructuring of public schools and nurseries, support to paediatric care centres for homeless children, seminars for young adults to raise awareness on the prevention of transmittable diseases.

Discover more on www.mfentrepreneuralproject.net

Kinder Joy of moving. Kinder Joy of moving is an international Social Responsibility project which aims to bring the joy of movement into the life of every child by promoting physical activity and an active lifestyle in an easy, engaging and joyful way.

A passion for movement, play and friendship is at the heart of the programme. We deliver Kinder Joy of moving with accredited partners and experts including Olympic Commitees, sports Federations, Associations, Ministries and Universities.

Activities range from physical education programmes and sports events to student championships and activity camps – each helping to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle through a joyful approach to movement and physical activity. Kinder Joy of moving also collaborates with athletes and champions to inspire children and supports research projects focused on the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Kinder Joy of moving is an international Social Responsibility project dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle for children and their families through a joyful approach to physical activity.
  • Vision

    Inspire future generations toward the culture of physical exercise to embrace a joyful life

  • Mission

    Facilitate physical activity as an easy daily practice, for children worldwide

  • Goal

    Move the largest number of children all over the World

Kinder Joy of moving, moving people. THE RIGHT TO PLAY

Now in its 15th year, Kinder Joy of moving is a Kinder and Ferrero Group project built on the strong belief that a positive attitude towards movement will make today’s children, better adults tomorrow. Helping children to grow into healthy adults through fun, games and social interaction is the ultimate goal of the Kinder Joy of moving program. But playing should also be a fundamental right of all children, throughout the world, this is why we strongly support the Children’s right to play as specifically recognized in article 31 of the United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights.

Kinder Joy of moving is continuing down its responsible path, in the knowledge that physical activity is an essential part of children's education and contributes significantly to their physical development and to preparing them for life as an individual and a member of tomorrow's society.

Global Results 2020/2021

  • 2.6 m

    Kids moved* *Number of children actively participating in the programmes/events sponsored by Kinder Joy of moving.

  • 121


  • 28


  • € 10.4 m


The Joy of moving method Kinder Joy of moving initiatives are inspired by Joy of moving, an innovative, scientifically recognized educational method. The Joy of moving method aims to get children moving through play, while developing key skills in four major areas: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive function and creativity, life skills.

Joy of moving instinctively shifts the focus from performance to fun, from competition to collaboration. Kinder Joy of moving has developed the method together with the Rome University “Foro Italico”, MIUR of the Piedmont Region and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). It is the result of a research project launched in 2012 that involved over one thousand children from Primary Schools over three years. The children had the opportunity to take part in games and movement at the Village Joy of moving in Alba, guided by 18 Graduates in motor sciences trained by a Scientific Committee of experts in the field. 

The experience gained from the research has been collected in a manual called "Joy of moving. MindMovers & ImaginAction“ by Caterina Pesce, Rosalba Marchetti, Anna Motta and Mario Bellucci, a useful tool for all interested parties, be they Institutions, sports professionals or individuals.

The research experience has been integrated into the didactic manual for children’s motor activities, “Joy of moving. Movement & Imagination.” by Caterina Pesce, Rosalba Marchetti, Anna Motta and Mario Bellucci.

WHATEVER THE GAME, LET JOY WIN Started in 2005, Kinder Joy of moving has been part of Ferrero Group’s Social Responsibility program since this was launched in 2013 attesting to the Company’s commitment towards the well-being of the younger generation.

During 2019 the project has widened its boundaries towards a new perspective, more focused on movement (that means sport but not only) lived in a unique way: easy, engaging and joyful. An evolution that has brought to a name change from Kinder+Sport, the original project name, to Kinder Joy of moving, underlining a progressive transformation in line with its proximity to the Kinder Vision and Purpose that supports joyful growth. And just as Kinder is committed to offering little but important moments of joy to children and families around the world, it is also committed, through the Kinder Joy of moving project, to another important objective: bringing joy to children through moving, encouraging their natural inclination to be active, move and play.

In a spirit of continuity and constant development, the natural evolution of the Kinder Joy of moving project now brings its core principles – friendship, fair play, family and fun – into a larger perspective, beyond competition and towards a more joyful approach: whatever the game, let joy win. Joy of moving instinctively shifts the focus from performance to fun, from competition to collaboration. Irrespective of the sports discipline, the playing field and the level of performance or ability of the child, Kinder Joy of moving lets the joy of movement win.

The Joy of moving project brought together children, teachers, parents, reserchers, members of institutions and private corporations. [...] But the true success will be achieved if the project is able to grow its roots within and without us, if it triggers an epidemic of Joy of moving [...]

Caterina Pesce, editor of the manual and mind behind the method

The results of the research at the basis of the Joy of moving method 1. Variability of the practice

By practicing these movement-based games, the children gain coordination, which is then strengthened by practicing outdoor activities at the weekends. Our method improves not only their ability to coordinate their movements properly, but also helps to create new and improved motor solutions, because it stimulates the mental requisites of motor creativity, which is also precious for school learning skills.Stimulating the ability to coordinate movements also helps children to develop cognitive skills as well as social and personal life skills.

2. The implementation process

Although we aim to obtain results, we fell in love with the process, which underwent a detailed assessment. The weaknesses that emerged are the lack of involvement of parents as well as the synergies with the sectors responsible for creating the environmental conditions needed for a continuous interaction between spontaneous outdoor games, our Joy of moving educational method in schools and introduction to sports.

3. Last, but not least… Joy of moving

The smiles of the playing children, their drawings depicting the experiences and emotions felt when playing, the small victories over one’s limitations, all these thanks to the driving and aggregating force of our games. This side of the project cannot be expressed by statistical figures, but it has left an indelible memory in the minds of those who, having “taken part in the games”- children, teachers, parents, corporate and institutional representatives - have lived these experiences first hand and will transmit them by “contagion”. To give continuity and further enhance the educational format the Ferrero Group, MIUR and CONI signed a Protocol of intent in Rome, in December 2015, to promote the development of best practices in healthy lifestyle education in schools. In addition to the method, we have an important material legacy from Expo Milano 2015 represented by the “Restituzione” (Give back) project that will recycle the materials and equipment used to stage the Kinder Joy of moving area.

Discover more on www.kinderjoyofmoving.com