18 Dec 2020

Ferrero’s palm oil: supply chain transparency

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Ferrero’s commitment to the responsible sourcing of palm oil is at the core of our strategy: sourcing palm oil that is 100% RSPO Segregated (SG) certified and fully traceable back to plantations.

We are aware that the palm oil supply chain faces environmental and social challenges and, through active collaboration with NGOs, key stakeholders and suppliers, we work to secure a 100% deforestation-free, and exploitation-free palm oil supply chain.

Based on a continuous improvement approach of our value chain, in case a non-compliance is identified among our suppliers, we will immediately put in place remediation actions. If these actions are not carried out by our suppliers accordingly, Ferrero will take the necessary measures, including the termination of the business relationship.

Traceability and transparency have always been a fundamental element in Ferrero’s approach to sustainable palm oil and, since 2018, we publish every six months the list of mills from which we source our palm oil. In line with this commitment, we are pleased to publish our latest lists of mills related to:

- Ferrero’s products – not including acquired products (100% RSPO SG certified sustainable palm oil); 

- Ferrero’s acquired products: ThorntonsFannie May and the brands that were part of Nestle’s chocolate business in the United States (currently mainly conventional palm oil).

We are currently working to extend our commitment to source only sustainable palm oil that is 100% RSPO Segregated certified to the acquired products that have joined the Ferrero extended family in the past few years.

By combining both Ferrero and acquired products, between January and June 2020 the Ferrero Group sourced 99.2% of RSPO certified Segregated palm oil and 0.80% conventional palm oil. Of this total, 99.7% is traceable back to plantations. The countries from where we sourced our palm oil during this period are:

Country Volume %
Brazil 0.82%
Colombia 1.02%
Costa Rica 0.85%
Guatemala 4.11%
Honduras 1.70%
Indonesia 11.82%
Malaysia 79.33%
Papua New Guinea 0.35%


The full lists are available below: