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Towards circular economy: partnering to achieve common goals


We believe in strong collaboration with partners from across industries to drive innovation in packaging development.

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In USA, a key strategic market for the Ferrero Group, we announced two new partnerships to help tackle the sustainability: Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) and How2Recycle.

We partnered with the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), the USA trade association, to join efforts in enhancing plastics recycling. Working closely with APR and their network of members, we will help define, develop and update design-for-recyclability guidelines that would be uniform across the industry. This latest partnership announcement follows our recent announcements on design-for recyclability guideline partnerships in Europe with Recyclass and CEFLEX. Collaborative approaches to developing common eco-design guidelines are key to ensure designers choose and combine materials in a way that the final packaging can be successfully disposed, collected, sorted and fully recycled in practice and at scale. To close the circular loop, Ferrero is also connecting with recycling plants selected through the APR network, in order to test in practice and certify the recyclability of its packaging.

The new partnership with How2Recycle, a well-recognised national labelling scheme, will provide our consumers with clear and transparent recycling instructions so they can correctly dispose of packaging. We are currently exploring a pilot program in the USA.

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