31 May 2023

Ferrero reveals significant progress and outlines future plans in latest Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI) annual report

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Ferrero has released its fourth annual report on the Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI), showcasing achievements made across the past four years and outlining its plans for sustainable cocoa production and forest conservation.

With the goal of combatting deforestation, promoting reforestation, and ensuring the long-term viability of cocoa farming communities, Ferrero has assessed 420,000 hectares of land for deforestation risk and distributed more than three million multi-purpose trees for on-farm planting and 775,000 native trees across the Ivory Coast for reforestation over the period of four years. These efforts will have environmental and climate benefits, as well as improving cocoa production and forest restoration.

“We know that cocoa provides a source of income and is a way of life for many communities. But we also know that deforestation and climate change threaten to undermine this,” said Marco Gonçalves, Chief Procurement and Hazelnut Company Officer at Ferrero. “Championing the transition to sustainable livelihoods is essential to protect our forests, provide economic security, and sustain a healthy planet.”

The CFI is a collaboration between 36 leading cocoa and chocolate companies – together responsible for 85% of global cocoa usage – and the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. As a founding member, Ferrero has taken extensive action to champion social and environmental sustainability across its entire cocoa supply chain.

As Ferrero approaches the end of its initial four-year plan, the company has launched CFI 2.0, which will build upon the successes and lessons learned from the initial phase of the programme. Collaboration with partners will remain a top priority to ensure that the progress achieved collectively to date is expanded and sustained.

Under the CFI Action Plan 2018-2022, Ferrero achieved significant milestones across its three pillars:  

Pillar 1: Forest Protection and Restoration Commitments

  • • Polygon mapped 153,000 farmers
  • • Assessed 421,000 hectares of land for deforestation risk
  • • Distributed 5.4 million non-cocoa trees for on and off-farm planting
  • • Engaged 77,000 farmers in agroforestry practices
  • • Involved 10,000 farmers in Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)
  • • Trained 68,000 farmers in Climate Smart Cocoa practices

Pillar 2: Sustainable Production and Farmers' Livelihoods

  • • Supported 36,000 farmers through Farm Development Plans
  • • Engaged 26,000 people in additional Income Generating Activities
  • • Distributed 5.2 million improved cocoa seedlings
  • • Established 1,505 active Village Savings & Loan Associations community groups
  • • Enrolled 9,800 people in financial products and services

Pillar 3: Community Engagement and Social Inclusion

  • • Implemented forest restoration and protection programs in 161 communities
  • • Managed 53,000 hectares of land through Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)
  • • Engaged 4,700 youths through community service groups
  • • Distributed 7,900 'clean cookstoves' to families across several communities
  • • Looking ahead to CFI 2.0, Ferrero is committed to further developing and strengthening National Traceability systems, collaborating with national governments and the wider confectionary industry.

Please download our CFI Annual Report and Action Plan below.